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Tubing (TBG)

Tubing (TBG)

Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP implemented fiberglass tubing since 2005. That time the experimental pipe lot was produced. Suspension made from these pipes is operating until today in well #2188 in Kalamkas field. Mentioned well saved a big amount of resources as no need of frequent tubular running operations and absence of degradation of fiberglass tubing.

In 2011, Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP started producing fiberglass tubing for Uzen oil field in Mangystau oblast. Fiberglass tubing was paid out into 3 wells within May 2011.

 Fiberglass tubing has plenty of advantages in compare with steel pipes:

 Lifetime of the fiberglass pipe is over 25 years;

Fiberglass tubing does not corrode due to pipe material not reacting to acids, alkalis, their salts and hydrogen sulfide and other corrosives;

The weight of fiberglass pipes is four times less in comparing with steel pipes, whereas weight strength of

fiberglass tubing length is larger than steel pipes;

Avoids formation of paraffin, salt and other deposits in fiberglass tubing walls;

Smoothness of the internal wall of the fiberglass pipes puts up less pressure resistance than steel pipes.

Fiberglass tubing is not plugging material;

 Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP produces fiberglass tubing with internal diameter 63mm (equivalent of steel tubing 73mm) operating pressure as follows:

  79 atm

  91 atm

  103 atm

  114 atm

  126 atm

  138 atm

  148 atm