24 July
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January 2003 - the start of equipment supply from US to the Plant;

February 2003 - the first experimental fiberglass pipes were produced;

14 April 2003 - The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev officially opened the Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP;

May 2003 - it was obtained a permit for using fiberglass pipes for food water supply after numerous testing of the Kazakhstan Sanitary Epidemical Service; 

16 June 2003 - starting of the first supply of fiberglass pipes to the oil fields; 

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Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP celebrated the 10th anniversary.


Our Company - Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP celebrated its 10th anniversary. In honor of it, the employees working since its foundation were presented with Letter of Commendation and Certificates of Appreciation in amount of 50 000 KZT for purchasing in one of the well-known outlets of electronics.  

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Charity Support of Need Family


With reference to 20th Anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence Mayor of Mangystau oblast approved 20 star days from 25 November till 15 December within celebration of “Twenty Achievements of the Independence”. Before the holiday start, the Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP implemented charity support of three need families and brought a joy to the people. 

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The work on implementation of the Company fiberglass tubing to injection wells started in the oil fields KalamkasMunay and ZhetybayMunay.


Similar tubing is used for the first time in our production facilities. The first fiberglass tubing with diameter 73 mm was paid out to the injection well #2073 in Zhetybay oil field.  

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The Best Product of Mangystau -2013


Announcement of the results and awarding of the winners of the regional competition «The Best Product of Kazakhstan» took place in Aktau.  

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On 20 December 2013, the Palace of Independence held Republic Exhibition named «The Best Product of Kazakhstan» with reference to the Industrial Development Day.   

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Well Tubing Pay Out in OzenMunayGas, JSC oil field.


In March 2015, it was successfully conducted pilot test of the well tubing Ø73mm P-138 atm in the well 8354, for a depth 1150.62m in the OzenMunayGas, JSC oil field. This testing indicates for Potential Corporation of Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP.   

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The Construction Project of the Third Production Shop


In 2014, it was decided to build the third production shop. 

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Company Fire Safety Trainings


On 06 August 2014 the Fire Safety training was organized in corporation with the representatives of FS-72 of Ort Sondirushy, JSC branch in the territory of the Plant. The purpose of this training was to check VFU constant alert of proper fire safety of the production facilities, competence of the personnel for quick and proper action in case of fire, to identify the place and specification of fire, evaluation of the personnel capability to determine proper ways of fire suppression. The assessment of the personnel skills in prevention of potential violations during equipment maintain was conducted as well.  

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Future Development of Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP.


[img=205,w=200,u=1]    New product design, improvement of the current product or service is conducting in a way of partnership with the all related parties taking into account opinions of the Consumers, their vision to the product, to the future of fiberglass pipes. The priorities of the Plant future development oriented for the perfection of the fiberglass products are defined based on the creative strategy. While designing of the new production its impact on the environment and to the safety of raw materials is taken into account. On top of that, the opportunity for application of the innovative development is considered during the designing new product. 

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Head Office Address:
Building MangystauMunayGas, JSC
Business and Administrative unit 2B
12 micro district, Aktau city
Mangystau oblast
Republic of Kazakhstan
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