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Company Background

Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP is one of the unique manufacturers in Kazakhstan. The first who started producing fiberglass pipes of high pressure in diameters from 63 mm up to 500 mm for oil and gas sector. The need of such production for oil industry has been brewing for a long time, because the park wear steel pipelines in some areas reached 80%, and new laid steel pipes properly served less than 3-4 years, then the cost to repair them began to grow exponentially, and sometimes exceed the cost of the pipeline.

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev also underlined the necessity and timeliness of such plant during his participation in the opening ceremony of the Plant in April 2003. He highly appreciated the modern computerized equipment of the ENTEC COMPOSITE MACHINES, INC. US Company and currently the best production technology of the HiTec US Company.

Realizing the need for fiberglass pipes not only for oil companies, the Plant obtained a permit for application of the fiberglass pipe for country domestic water system after entire audit of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sanitary Epidemical Service in 2003.

A number of important advantages of fiberglass pipes against of steel pipes:

 - high strength equal to the strength of the alloy steel;

- the weight of pipes is less four times in compare with steel pipes with similar function;

- high corrosive resistance;

- high chemical resistance to aggressive liquids;

- no salt deposition and reducing of paraffin deposits;

- high resistance to dynamic loads, e.g. water hammers;

- reduction of the flow friction characteristic 3-4 times in compare with typical steel pipes;

- long   service life (up to 50 years);

- much less operating costs.

 The Plant produces fiberglass pipes in compliance with Company standards based on International Standards API 5 and PS as guarantee of high quality of products taking into account that these Standards are one of the strictest standards in the world. Please note that 100% of Plant products undergo acceptance testing without regard for its type and operating pressure. The Plant laboratory test the entire volume raw materials required for production of the pipes.

 Thereby, only the best quality products are submitted to the Consumers. The application of fiberglass pipes in MangystauMunayGas, JSC field had not only beneficial environmental impact, but also totally changed the procedure of installation and maintenance of pipelines for oil field employees.

During 10 years of production, the Plant produced and supplied more than 2500 km of fiberglass pipes mainly to the Kalamkas and Zhetybay oil fields. The Company provides all required fittings and accessories for turnkey pipeline assembly. We do our best to support our Clients who have an access to all fiberglass pipes and fittings production technologic processes and leave the door open for monitoring of order performance.   

 The Company is continuously improving the quality of the product and service. One of the stages of improvement were adding the Plant into the List of Domestic Goods Producing Companies maintained by Samrukh Kazyna, JSC and certification by Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management  (ISO 14001), Health and Safety Standard (OHSAS 18001). Therefore, our Company is committed both to guarantee high quality of its product and to comply with the Environment and Health International standards for safety of its employees.

 Green oasis among semi-desert developed in the Fiberglass Pipes Plant, LLP area demonstrates its performance of above commitments. Every year the Company increases the planting areas, and allocates funds for it.  The Company ensures safe working and health of its employees, and provides all necessary Personal Protective Equipment, free meals, proper recreation organization. 

Head Office Address:
Building MangystauMunayGas, JSC
Business and Administrative unit 2B
12 micro district, Aktau city
Mangystau oblast
Republic of Kazakhstan
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